Things we like

May 22, 2007

For organization: stair-step baskets. The toys are supposed to stay upstairs but somehow manage to creep down, one arm load at a time. In the long, slow march back upstairs, they usually end up littering the stairs, little multicolored death traps. A couple of stair-step baskets made short work of the mess. The toys remain on the stairs, but at least they’re contained. If we could just work on getting them emptied now.

For baby-poop stains: direct sunlight. Gets them right out. Rinse the mess and lay out the onesie or blanket in the sun for a day (or two, depending on the mess). Stain gone. Huzzah!

For Tolkien: The Encyclopedia of Arda. Wonderful website, and very handy for looking up obscure person- or place-names.


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