First ride!

May 22, 2007

A little over 5 miles, and afterwards, I felt like…well, nothing had really happened, which probably means I should go a little further next time. No, it’s not very far, but I’m heeding the advice of some of the cycling websites and starting small. Also, I need to see whether or not my infernal ankle injury is going to give me any grief. So far, no problem. The ortho said that cycling was just fine, but friends and neighbors, the last flare-up of pain* was so heinous I wanted to die. So I’m being a bit careful. Just sayin’. The regimen is: NSAID 30 minutes prior to exercise, wear the brace during, ice down afterwards. Hopefully I’ll be able to avoid (or at least postpone) a lifelong gimp.

Whlist waxing nerdfully, I got in a little more Django tweaking during the slow periods at the office, brewing up a sort of book-cataloging thingie. Mostly troublefree, though dumb mistakes related to python whitespacing keep tripping me up.

* – Osteoarthritis, as a result of an injury related to – get this – falling off a ladder while cleaning the gutters. That’ll teach me.


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