May 18, 2007

Things have finally quieted down a little here at the office, so I’m taking a look at some of the MVC frameworks for web applications. I spent a bit of yesterday going through the Ruby on Rails tutorial (Online cookbook! huzzah!) and have just installed all of the Catalyst::Runtime packages. Let’s hear it for ‘apt-get install libcatalyst-perl‘. I messed around a little with Catalyst and TT some time ago, but didn’t do a whole lot with it. At the slavering, maniacal urgings of a colleague, I will also take a look at Django though my knowledge of python is pretty limited. I like the Rails stuff alot, but some of the reading I’ve done indicates that grafting rails apps to legacy database can be a bit of a problem – rails wants the DB to be A Certain Way, and that’s not really an option with some of the hoary old warehouses around here.

Update: Django wins.


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