The new place

May 17, 2007

The landscape here is a little different from the place we just left – more flatness, though it’s broken up here and there by some nice, rolling hills. The wider spaces mean a bigger sky – something you really don’t take notice of until it’s there, if you get my meaning. The climate is not much different than what we left, though we did barely cross a timezone. This brought with it an interesting challenge – we lost an hour by moving west, but since we’re only just over the line, our sunlight hours haven’t changed a whole lot. Result: young children rising earlier than they ought because of the growing daylight.


For me, I think, the biggest change is in the trees. We left an area dominated by Loblolly pines and other evergreens. They were beautiful and evocative, though a bit messy (especially in the early spring, when they covered everything in thick yellow pollen). Our old lot was semi-wooded and our new one is on former pasture, though the development is old enough for most of the landscape trees to have attained a respectable size. There are great many Eastern Red Cedars around here, and I’m strongly tempted to find a place for a few of them in the yard. They look entirely too cool.

I was a little worried that fewer trees would mean fewer birds, but that was put to rest in the days after we moved in: we counted no less than 4 active nests in the yard (finches, grackles, mourning doves, and robins) and there are probably one or two more. A red-tailed hawk makes a semi-regular circuit through the area, sending all the starlings and grackles into a noisy hysteria. We have more goldfinches than I’ve ever seen, and we had a hummingbird at the feeder in the first of week of May – we wouldn’t have seen them until early-to-mid July at the old place. The surrounding areas, while growing, are still rural enough for me to have spotted deer, turkeys, skunks and groundhogs on the way to work in the mornings.

The dirt here is a different color, and it’s broken here and there by outcroppings of rock. I think they’re terribly nifty and they give our new wide views a nice bit of character.

The new house is in a neighborhood located in a smallish-sized city. Everything is nice and close, which is wonderful change. We have more rooms than we had before, and the area is teeming with other kids. We hear tell that there is a large concentration of homeschoolers in the vicinity, and indeed, the generalissima has already joined a new local CM group.

You may notice that I’ve been a bit circumspect as regards location. This is deliberate. I was an avid blogger some time ago under a nick very close to my real name. In fact, it was my real name. Since I want more of the family to participate, I’m being quite careful to guard our privacy. You will not see our real names here, nor will I reveal our location. Thanks for understanding.


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