May 16, 2007


The last of boxes are nearly unpacked and we seem to have found places for most everything except for all of the now-empty boxes and mounds of packing paper which fill the garage. You know those lists that come out every so often – the ones that detail out all of the most-stressful-events that can occur in a person’s life?

How’s this for a timeline?

  • Ash Wednesday – receive an invitation for a job interview out of state
  • Two weeks later – receive job offer and list old house
  • Three days after that – receive house offer; buyer wants to close in 2 WEEKS.
  • A hair-raising two weeks after that – close on sale of old house
  • Good Friday – close on new house
  • Easter Monday – move to temporary quarters, a 3BR apartment. With 5 kids. And no greenspace.
  • Easter Tuesday – start new job
  • Two weeks after that – move into new house early, lack of furniture be damned: air mattresses for us but we get a back yard again
  • Two weeks after that – baby number six is born

Anyway, homeschooling resumed this week and everyone seems to have welcomed a return to routine. All the magazines are showing up at our new address. The books have been unpacked and re-shelved in their new homes. I swear, it was a bit like welcoming back old friends.

Speaking of old friends, one of the principal reasons we started this blog was to keep all of our family and friends in the loop as to our doings and whatnot. This is a friendly way of letting you know that there will be some occasional insider-yucks. Don’t sweat them.


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